Generate a new QR Code for Microsoft Authenticator

If you log into Azure using Authenticator and you’ve had to replace your app, say if you have upgraded or lost your phone then you will get a message like the following. Message: Scan the QR Code provided by your organization to finish recovering this account. I’ve found the best way around this is to remove the organisation from your Authenticator app and just to re-add it through he normal procedure. Log on to this page and follow the prompts. My Sign-Ins | Security Info |

SQL to copy a table from one Database to Another

You might need to copy tables from one database to another. I do this often if I want to test complicated scripts that update tables. You might have data in one table that you need to use to compare to another table and run updates accordingly. A quick way to test this is to copy the tables to a Development Database and then just run the scripts against the tables in there. Let’s consider we have DB1 with Table1 and Table2 We want to copy Table1 and Table2 to a Database called DevDB1 (assuming default dbo schema) Use the following Continue Reading

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This page has been blocked by Microsoft Edge

If you’re getting a popup on a web page in Microsoft Edge And Hover state Do the following. Click on the three dots menu Choose settings Go to Privacy, Search and Services and make sure Tracking Prevention is set to Balanced. If this doesn’t work it’s likely you have an extension installed that is causing some sort of popup. Go through your extensions one by one and if it’s not obvious it might require removing and re-adding to see which one it is.

Microsoft Teams Stuck on the Loading screen

I’ve had this a few times, and there are a few reasons, but we’ll just cover the most common here, and that’s cached credentials that have changed. If you see this, start up the Credential manager. The easiest way is just to press the start button and type ‘Cred’. Choose Windows Credentials Search for msteams Entries Remove each of these, and Teams should start again and prompt you for new credentials.