Mac display not working after updated

I have a Mac Mini with two displays and after the recent macOS Ventura 13.0.1 update my USB-C display stopped working. macOS wasn’t recognising it and the monitor was showing a message telling me to check my signal. I found a fix on a forum that worked for me. Delete the following file and restart.{XXX}.plist To do this open Finder and choose Go to folder in the Go menu. Put this in the Go address bar. Find the file called{XXX}.plist and delete it. Then restart. I also had to power cycle the monitor.

To use Sidecar, turn on Wi‑Fi or connect over USB

I was doing some work on a Sunday morning and wanted to play some music so stuck on a random Study Spotify Playlist. I watned to move the window to my iPad to keep it out of the way so I went into the Spotify App and chose the menu item move to <ipadName> iPad. When I did this I got the error “Unable to connect to <iPadName>” To use Sidecar, turn on Wi‑Fi or connect over USB This generally comes down to an issue with the computer you’re on trusting the iPad you’re trying to connect to. To create Continue Reading